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Surf your life, a holistic coaching concept.

The „surf your life“ concept is a transdisciplinary and holistic program for better health and well-being while reducing the resources required for this. The focus of the program is on the elaboration and synchronization of individual rhythms, which results in a dynamically stable and individually adapted overall rhythm of our clients. An essential focus of the program is the sustainability and preservation of the newly learned rhythms in everyday life. In a broader view this higher level of individual awareness, not only for themselves but also for their interactions with the environment, will lead to a higher level of consciousness and compassion in our society.

the Institute

To be able to offer our customers solutions according to the highest scientific standards we established a surf your life - Institute. The aim of this institute with practical relevance is to combine the latest research findings with tried and tested methods. In cooperation with professors, universities and other international research institutes and companies (e.g. Health and Tech StartUp’s) we can thus flexibly and quickly deliver results and high-quality diagnostics and solutions in practice and thus to our customers.
We are therefore experts in the selection of specific equipment, individually adapted to each client and in consulting regarding possible further solutions. Not every successful method is equally useful and effective for every client. Together we develop a personalized and flexible model, which can be adapted according to the success.
Our professional expertise in the field of motivation and emotion regulation research, psychology, orthodox and alternative medicine, especially in the new areas of integrative medicine and psychoneuroimmunology, offers an enormous time and money saving for many clients and represents an objective and individual consultation independent of marketing promises of individual companies.

Research (Science, Technology)
our program

The unique surf your life program consists of 4 pillars, aiming to bring dynamic equilibrity into the most important areas of life.

Personal diagnostics to identify and further clarify the causes of symptoms and diseases; regeneration, burnout prevention, (sleep, breathing, nutrition, exercise) 
Sense of life/philosophy, values, needs, motivation, self-regulation, resilience, cognitive abilities, flow, mindfulness, relaxation, body mind connection
Communication with yourself, with others, with your environment, relationship patterns, love relationship/partnership
Career/professional counselling and coaching, career development, modern leadership, work-life balance, finances and pension provision
elaboration & synchronization of personal rhythm
Each of the pillars is subject to the fluctuations of life circumstances, we help you to bring all four areas into your individual flow.
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Interested in the syl-program and finding your personal rhythm? We are looking forward hearing from you.

Rhythm is the key to the most natural and effective lifestyle possible. Besides the often difficult to influence environmental rhythms (work, seasons, relations, etc.), personal chronobiology plays an important role. Through the integrative and for the first time consciously synchronizing approach chosen in the concept, through proven individual interventions from medicine, psychology and coaching, we can bring these rhythms and thus our clients into coherence. This creates otherwise unattainable positive synergy effects. In addition to increased effectiveness, these are reflected in a significant reduction of costs, high time savings and the associated sustainability in everyday life. read more....


In order to be able to offer all this at the highest professional level and with the aim of creating interesting and attractive jobs, we will train our own “surf your life” coaches at our academy. People with a medical, psychological or other coaching background are the target group for these trainings at the beginning. They will first be trained in one of the 4 dimensions (health, mindset, career, relations). In addition, they will be introduced to the holistic and transdisciplinary thinking of “surf your life” in their training. In the next steps of the training an extension of their core competences to the other areas and also further career steps at “surf your life” are possible.


We are a transdisciplinary team of highly motivated health experts and wholebeing artists. Living life to the fullest, we surf our life by optimising our required resources. We share a common passion for life and vision for impact.

Manuel Riegner
founder, medical doctor, transdisciplinary researcher & visionary
Magdalena Schneider
network architect, finance & funding wizard
Dr. med. Jonas Montagna
medical doctor, resilience and rhythm researcher
science board
science board
Lic. phil. Nicole Bruggmann
Head of the PSI Institute Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Urs Gruber
Health Campus, University St. Elisabeth, Bratislava
Prof. Hartmut Schröder
Senior Director European School of Governance, Berlin
Dr. Marlen Schröder
General medicine doctor, private practice for integral healing
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Tschacher
Head of Experimental Psychology, University Hospital of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Bern
Dr. phil.I Dipl.-Psych. Claudio Weiss
Founder awareness management, Coach, Philosopher
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