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Rhythm is the key to the most natural and effective lifestyle possible. Besides the often difficult to influence environmental rhythms (work, seasons, relations, etc.), personal chronobiology plays an important role. Through the integrative and for the first time consciously synchronizing approach chosen in the concept, through proven individual interventions from medicine, psychology and coaching, we can bring these rhythms and thus our clients into coherence. This creates otherwise unattainable positive synergy effects. In addition to increased effectiveness, these are reflected in a significant reduction of costs, high time savings and the associated sustainability in everyday life.

We are not only measuring personal biomarkers but also social biomarkers to reflect the resonance effects of the individuum with his environment. This gives us a unique deep view, not only inside the body itself, but also into the mind and into the social factors who influence human behavior and his health and wellbeing. Through the implementation of psychosynergetic monitoring and therapy methods, the effects of the individual interventions on various levels (relationship, personality development, health, career) are for the first time measured and related to each other in a targeted manner. Practices from different cultural diagnostic and healing methods are used as well as modern diagnostic possibilities, (e.g. stress hormone determination, microbiome, leaky gut, HRV measurements, nutritional diagnostics) and different psychology diagnostic tools to get insights into the motivational and emotional self-regulation system e.g. based on the PSI -theory by Prof. Julius Kuhl (

Through the development of our own software, patterns and also processes of change become more tangible and can be adapted practically in real time. The evaluation of the individual data and especially the different rhythms to be expected in this process should also contribute to a deeper understanding and increased motivation for individualized prevention and therapy in the future. The collection of personal data and also the individual forms of therapy is partly carried out via bio signals. It has been shown that the development in the biohacking scene is progressing so rapidly that wearables (e.g. OURA ring) and tracking devices as well as neuromodulation devices (stress, sleep, cognitive functions) now provide astonishingly good data quality. We want to consciously oppose the mentality of many health tech companies to make profit with the data of the customers. We will therefore offer discounts on our products (coaching, further diagnostics) or on those of our partners as an exchange for their data for research purposes.

We value and respect our clients and take responsibility for the trust placed in us. Therefore, personal data is not passed on to employers if "surf your life" has been commissioned at B2B level.

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