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Complexity Science in Psychotherapy

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Tschacher, member of our Science Board and internationally renowned researcher and author in the fields of psychotherapy, complexity research, and embodiment, has developed a series of web seminars with Franco Orsucci to explore six different current topics from the perspective of the complexity science community.

"Accept the complexity of the world" and "make it as simple as possible" are two of our principles at surf your life and an integral part of our research in the field of synergetics:

That's why we wanted to draw your attention to a very exciting web seminar series that links exactly these topics with the current effects of the Corona crisis.

Planning New Research on the CV-19 Impact. July 3 rd PM

Advancements in Embodied Synchronization. July 10th, Friday PM

Technology Enhanced Learning and Human Change. July 17th Friday AM

Social Distancing, Social Support and Social Media. July 24thAM

The web seminars are free of charge!!!

Further information (speakers, dates, registration and participation links):

Keep surfing!

Your surf your life team

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